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Moon Goddesses

A symbol of divinity & enchantment

The Moon Goddess symbol is an ancient symbol that represents the divine feminine: her power, grace, healing and compassion. The symbol itself is sometimes accompanied by a 'triple moon':              waxing, full, and waning - which symbolically portrays the different phases of a woman's life. We have three versions: Luna (simple and classic, with no moon - luna means 'moon' in Latin), Selena (who has a solid moon - selena means 'moon' in Greek), and Artemis (who has a cratered moon - artemis was the name of the Greek goddess of the moon).  

Handmade in pure 940 silver.
triple moon.png
moon goddesss.jpg
moon goddess and moon.jpg
moon goddess and crater moon necklace.jpg
moon goddess.jpg
moon goddess selena.jpg
moon goddess earrings 2.jpg
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