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Nov. 15th 2022 Spotlight: THE SAVANNAH PAW

The festive season is coming!

So, we'd like to put one of our first designs into the spotlight...

The Savannah Paw

A symbol of warmth and bravery.

The Savannah Paw is a solid silver lion paw - that hangs like a 'medallion'. It was named after the sweeping grasslands of Kenya, where our golden lions roam.

Lions are the second largest cat in the world (after the Tiger), and live in groups called 'prides' - and actually are the most social of the big cats on the planet. A male lion's mane is a symbol of their fighting ability and health - darker and longer manes tend to convey a stronger and more attractive lion (yet the lionesses tend to do most of the hunting!)

Here, we have our handmade Savannah Paw Necklace and Savannah Paw Earrings - cast in pure, 940 silver. The necklace hangs elegantly from an 18" pure silver chain, and the earrings dangle from pure silver earring hooks.

The perfect gift for a warm, brave and strong soul.

You can buy our Savannah Paw Necklace here

and our Savannah paw Earrings here

Size guide of some of our lion paws:

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