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Nov. 1st 2022 Spotlight: THE VIPER

As the final moments of October come to a close, and the transition into November takes place, we'd like to put one of our favourite pieces into the spotlight...

The Viper

The Viper is a symbol of transformation, creativity, wisdom and eternity. A beautiful, and highly misunderstood creature - unique due to its hinged fangs (fangs that fold back in the mouth when not in use).

Each species of viper has its own unique behaviour - some spend most of the day foraging for food or basking in the sunlight, whilst others are most active at dawn and during the night.

Though they are beautiful, one must remain highly cautious around vipers - for they are still venomous creatures, and rather hard to spot.

Here, we have our handmade Viper Necklace - cast in pure, 940 silver that hangs elegantly from an 18" pure silver chain.

The perfect gift for a unique, creative, & strong soul.

You can buy our Viper here.

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