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Nov. 30th 2022 Spotlight: VENOM

Christmas Season is about to begin! With that, one of our newest pieces is out...


An elegantly curled snake.

Along with the Viper, and 6 more new serpents, we now have a total of 8 silver snakes (a strong contender for our largest jewellery collection so far... however, the Paw Print Collection still takes the winning spot).

Though they can be dangerous, snakes are largely misunderstood. They are exceptionally beautiful creatures that symbolize transformation, change and wisdom.

My cousin was obsessed with snakes. Growing up, he lived right next door, and kept all sorts of exotic and beautiful serpents around the place. I wouldn't say I'm a huge fan of them being so close... but I do find them fascinating and beautiful.

Venom is a handmade snake - cast in pure, 940 silver.

The ring is soldered onto a 925 sterling band (we are yet to get Argentium silver ring wire).

The necklace (soon to be out) hangs elegantly from an 18" pure silver chain.

The perfect gift for an intelligent and fierce soul.

You can buy Venom here

- Ksh 9500 (USD 79) -

Incredible as they are, a snake's bite can potentially

be life-threatening.

One of the top research labs in Kenya for snakebite antivenom is East African Reptiles (their emergency snakebite number: 0729403599).

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