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Honestly, randomly in my workshop one afternoon.

Just before the December Holidays, I wanted something pretty to wear with a backless dress, and I got down to creating something I don't really see much...

A rough sketch in my book and some tinkering later, the first prototype of a 'Zuri Charm' was made - using some thicker sterling silver chain and a couple Sarabi Paws:

Original Sketch:

(A 'Zuri Charm' is my name for charms hanging down the back)

I immediately loved it, but I wanted it to be removable too, so I could change the type of charm that would hang down my back, or not have to wear one at all. That's where the clip comes in - so the Zuri Charm can clip onto any chain at the back, as long as the loop allows it.

I have created specific choker chains for the Zuri Charms, but they aren't necessary. A pendant can also be placed at the front of the Zuri choker chain, so you can have both: one at the front and one hanging down the back (I'm starting to tailor the loop size of my pendants so that they fit the slightly larger size of the Zuri chain).

The name "Zuri" comes from Swahili, which means "fine", "good" or "beautiful".

I've got loads of designs in the making now for the Zuri Charms - and I absolutely adore that they're a little different from what you usually see. Just a little silver spice to add to that backless look!

If you would like to purchase a Zuri Charm, you can do so here.

Our first 6 available Zuri Charms:

Name of the 6 designs:

Elf Leaf Zuri Charm

Ksh 6300 (USD 53)

Rani Paw Zuri Charm

Ksh 8000 (USD 67)

Tana River Wave Zuri Charm

Ksh 7300 (USD 61)

Nala Paw Zuri Charm

Ksh 6200 (USD 52)

Sarabi Paws Zuri Charm

Ksh 6200 (USD 52)

Moon Goddess Zuri Charm

Ksh 5800 (USD 49)

A plain Zuri Choker necklace

Ksh 3500 (USD 29)

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