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- We use ethically sourced, sustainable silver, that we recycle (100% recycled and from a controlled supply chain certified by the Chain of Custody of the Responsible Jewellery Council)

- our silver is tarnish resistant, therefore less chemicals are needed to clean it in the long run.

- We do not use harsh products  or acids for cleaning our silver - only natural, environment-friendly products, such as white vinegar (you can too! to clean silverware, use heated white vinegar mixed with salt!)

- Our gift-boxes and packaging are entirely eco, made from recycled cardboard and local materials.

- Our display stands and boards are handmade by us, made from fallen tree branches found on site at Matbronze where our outlet and production is.

- We are located at Matbronze, which uses 35 kilowatts of solar panels for energy, which is used in our production.

- Matbronze uses collected rainwater that runs off the roof, and stores around 200,000 litres of water, which is used in our production and cleaning.

- If anyone has any suggestions to how we can make our small jewellery business more eco-friendly, please feel free to contact us!

written by our supplier's supplier:


"Commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development is a core business value [here].  As a standard practice, [we] strive to recycle as much internal clean scrap as possible.  When virgin metal is required (the precious metal not found from scrap), [we] utilize material from Kennecott Utah Copper and the Royal Canadian Mint.  Both sources are well-known for their ethical, environmentally friendly refining and mining processes."  

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